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House Wines by the glass
La Terre  Pinot Grigio - Chardonnay - White Zinfandel - Chianti - Merlot - Cabernet Sauvignon, malbec -California            

Sparkling  Wines                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                        Bottle        Glass 
Sparkling JFJ                                                  19           7   
An almound flavored sparkling, sweet & refreshing 

Sparkling J. Roget                                       20          8
  Outstanding fruit flavors with a smooth finish


Chardonnay, Banrock Station           16           6 
Aromas of citrus and apple are noted with quite a bit of richness on the palet

Chardonnay, Andean Sky                       18          7
Dry, medium intensity white wine. Highlightsof bright citrus and tropical fruit flavorsare held together with a rich creamy core.

Chardonnay, Callaway                              21         8
Distinct yet delicate aroma of apple, lemonand peach complemented by 12 monthsof oak aging. This wine offers the delicaciesof both fruit and oak.

Pinot Grigio, Sycamore Lane                16         6 
Displays ripe apple and pear aromas witha hint of butteriness and rich, creamy flavors.

Pinot Grigio, Timberwood                      18         7
Displays ripe apple and pear aromas with a hint of butteriness and rich, creamy flavors.

Riesling, Ste. Chapelle                                18         7
Refreshing honeysuckle flavor with hints of peachand apricot and a long and pleasant finish.

Riesling, Chateau Ste. Michelle Harvest Select                                                                       21        8 
Exhibits distinct fruit-driven aromas and flavors of ripe pears, juicy peach and cantaloupe

Sauvignon Blanc, Night Harvest       18        7 
Subtle frassy
, citrus aromas and flavors balance with hints of tropical fruit and honeydew melon


                                                                              Bottle        Glass 

Pinot Noir, Funky Llama                      18           7       
Blackberry, rasberry,black cherry and earth flavores

Pinot Noir, Pinot Evil                                
21           8
Aromas of black cherry, earth and pencil. Flavors ofraspberry, citrus and licorice. Warm, spicy finish.

Merlot, Vista Point                                     16           6  
Dark berry, full fruit and nuanced hints of cocoa, herb and earth with a soft structure 

Merlot, Sycamore Lane                          18           7  Cherry-like aromas with hints of mint and spice,and bright, juicy flavors.

Merlot, Arancio                                             21          8 SoftCherry-like aromas with hints of mint and spice, and bright juicy flavors

Cabernet, Opera Prima                            21           8
Fragrance of red fruit mix with a pleasantly spicy notes and hints of vanilla.

Cabernet, Banrock Station                   18          7
This exciting wine reveals spicy white pepper, red cherry and black currant characters

Cabernet, Trumpeter                                 21        8
Fruit flavors of blackberry and cherry on the palate balance nicely with ample cedary wood spice flavors.

Shiraz, Opera Prima                                      18       7
Burst forth whith berry and cherry flavors combined with layers of smoke

Shiraz, Penfolds Rawson’s Retreat      21      8     
Youthful and lively fruit flavors of strawberry,raspberry, and loganberry follow from the nose.

Chianti, Piccini                                                  21       8
Intensely vinous aroma and its dry, tasty and harmonious flavor

Malbec, Astica                                                   18        7
Subtle bouquet of violets and black cherry graced by a hint of mint and herbs

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